Thursday, November 24, 2011


So it's not running related, but in case you didn't hear...

Carlos and Issel are officially now engaged!!!

Join me in congratulating these two awesome friends!!!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More Weekend Results: Buschman/Wecker Lead the Way at Metric Marathon, Colaicovo Runs fast 8k at Richmond

Some additional performances from this weekend:

Mark Buschman blazed to a dominant first place finish at the Metric Marathon.  His time of 1:35:05 was more than two minutes ahead of fellow racing team member, Peter Keating (1st Master, 1:37:23).  Jason Tripp finished in fourth place overall (1:39:41, 2nd 35-39), and Mark Miller was 8th (2nd Master, 1:44:10).

On the women's side, Donna Wecker finished well ahead of all her competitors, with a time of 1:57:31 -- 4 and a half minutes ahead of 2nd place!

In the metric 5k, John Chall finished 5th overall (1st 50-54, 18:47) with Bobby Gessler not far behind in 7th (2nd 50-54, 18:56).  Pat Wilkerson and Robyn Humphrey finished 1-2 in the female masters category, posting times of 20:05 and 20:11, respectively.  Janeth Scott ran 20:53 for 6th place overall and second in the 40-49 age group.

Down south in Richmond, Mike Colaiacovo had a great 8k race, running 27:08 and finishing as the top master runner.

Pictures, articles, and full results of the metric marathon are available here:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Renjifo Brothers Take Over San Francisco Men's Health Urbanathalon!

Carlos and Jorge Renjifo ran the Men's Health Urbanathalon in San Francisco this morning, and...
--> CARLOS WON!!!!!
--> JORGE finished in the TOP TEN!!!!!

Our boys actually started in the second wave, a full minute behind the first wave. But they caught up quickly to achieve these final times:
--> Carlos Renjifo (#1219): 01:02:58
--> Jorge Renjifo   (#1194): 01:13:48

Carlos actually got TWO awards -- one for being the overall winner, and the other for being the fastest to climb the stairs in the AT&T Park, where the SFO Giants and Cal (Berkeley) Golden Bears play. Carlos also got interviewed at the end of the race, so look forward to a video at some point, too.  Some videos and pictures are available here:
(After clicking on the athlete's name, you'll be able to select "Video," "Photos," and "Timing.")

This was NOT a typical running race. Some of the insane obstacles that they had to overcome during the 10.2-mile course included climbing over buses, across cargo nets, under Jeeps, over plastic barriers, under police barriers, looping over the stairs in AT&T Park, hurdling over poles, across monkey bars, over taxis... and more. o.O When asked, "What were your favorite obstacles?", Carlos said, "I liked climbing over buses... and sliding over those taxis." Jorge enjoyed "the stairs in the park, but that was also the most challenging part."

More pictures/details on the obstacles can be found in the blog CrushingTheCourse, which has tips on running urbanathalons. A video depicting the SFO race will eventually be posted on the MHUrbanathalon Youtube channel.

Also, the Urbanathalon will be aired on Universal Sports Network on December 20-22 at 8pm. Does anyone get that particular station? Please record!

Wow!!! Amazing job, you physically-fit fellows!!! :oD

And, showing that even MIT engineers can be studmuffins...'s *ahem* -- a bonus picture:

Saturday, November 12, 2011

FLASH: Kent and Adam rock Richmond Marathon!!!

Kent Werner and Adam Wytko toed the start line of the Suntrust Richmond Marathon this morning in what I had to imagine as nearly perfect marathoning weather. Kent had fallen off the map over the past year but began showing up at bagel runs over the summer. Adam is coming off of a sub-2:50 marathon in Akron only 6 weeks ago. They both rocked it!

Bib 1308: Adam Wytko - 2:56:13
Bib 1310: Kent Werner - 2:45:47

Way to go boyz!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rock 'N' Roll Series Discounts on 11/11

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In celebration of 11.11.11 this Friday, the
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*Discount is only valid on November 11, 2011 from 11am – 11pm PST. Some exceptions apply. Events not included are San Antonio, Las Vegas, New York 10k, Edinburgh, Madrid, Dublin, Montreal and Lisbon. No other discount codes or promotions can be used in combination with the 11-11-11 promotion.

Striders Take a "Run Through the Grapevine"

06 November 2011 - by Jim Carbary

For 17 years, the Run Through the Grapevine 8k course at Linganore Winery was actually a little short, so this year an extra hill was added around another grapevine to satisfy a more exact measurement. The unofficial story for the route change, though, was that Mark Buschman vowed to beat the best time of Pekka Stenholm, a former racing team member who had moved back to his native Finland. Mark and Pekka had met at the Berlin Marathon earlier in the year and must have had a discussion about the Grapevine. Race director Jason Tripp decided the course should be as accurate as possible, so a course extension occurred, and Mark failed by 20 seconds to beat the time (about 30:30). Everyone else reported slower times at the Grapevine “8k” this year, too.

The extra 0.2-mile didn’t bother Carlos Renjifo, who won the race by over 1:30, the largest margin by which anyone had ever won the race (29:07). Carlos led the field for essentially the entire race, although he inexplicably went off course twice. Once, he took second place Andrew Revelle off course with him, and third-place Mike Colaiacovo shouted to them to turn left rather than right. They quickly corrected themselves and resumed the competition. “I thought I could run in 27 or 28 [minutes] but I couldn’t,” Carlos said, not realizing the extra mileage had its effect. Still, he was the only runner in the field to break half an hour on the treacherously hilly course.

The women’s race was a much closer affair than the men’s. Initially, Howard Countian Rian Landers-Ramos assumed the lead, but then Jill Krebs took the lead after emerging from the second set of grapevines. Jill and her teammate Sherry Stick battled “back and forth through the woods.” Jill then took “a weird step” at four miles and Sherry was on her. “I could see she had her game face on,” Jill said. “I knew it was all over.” A perennial winner, Sherry hung on to win by 12 seconds (35:03).
Elkridge’s Donna Wecker outsprinted Jane Wickman of Germantown to claim the award as top master-woman (41:25). Although Donna regularly runs trails, she had never run Grapevine before and was not prepared for the steep hills and ankle-twisting grass. “The hills were brutal,” she said, “and there were soooo many of them.” Donna turns 50 in a few weeks and will then begin to terrorize the grand-master women.

The top master man was Mike Colaiacovo, who finished third overall (30:53) and earned and overall award. The next fastest master was grandmaster Keith McIntyre (34:03). Keith’s stunning performance was blunted only by his son Conner’s beating him.

The Run Through the Grapevine featured a plethora of team competitions. The Howard County Strider Men’s team, with Renjifo, Revelle, Buschman, and Colaiacovo crushed the opposition to win the overall men’s team competition with a perfect score of 10 points. The Baltimore-Washington Athletic Club consisted of Stick and Krebs with their old pal Diana Pool and new-comer Joan Namasinga had a nearly perfect score of 13 in winning the women’s team competition. Put together by Steve Anderson, the OMG men’s masters team won a prize for the seventh year in a row (although it was only men’s masters team). There was no prize for the best team name, but some of the outstanding samples were “Mac Attack” (the McIntyre family) and “Merlot is how we roll” (Ken Miller, Jeanine Rogers, and Laura and Ryan Guenin).
The 18th Annual and Newly-Recalibrated Run Through the Grapevine took place at the Linganore Winery in Carroll County on November 11. The race is staged each year by the Howard County Striders, who wish to thank the winery owner Anthony Aellen for the use of his grapevines and hills. Jason Tripp directed. Award winners received gift certificates for bottles of wine, which they could redeem immediately after the race. The weather was so nice this year that many stayed after the race to enjoy wine and lunch under pleasant autumn skies.

The race sold out two weeks before with a total of 650 registrants. Of these, 573 actually showed up and ran the race. “Not a record, but close,” said official scorer Jim DiSciullo.

Results and pictures are available at:

The winning men's team (Randy, Carlos, Adam, Mark, Andrew)