Wednesday, May 3, 2017

April 2017

April was a busy month for the Howard County Striders Racing Team. Many team members competed in some of the biggest races of the year this past month, with many setting new PRs. The month began with the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler, one of the most competitive races in the area. Julia Roman-Duval led the women's team, placing 16th overall and 9th among American women while setting a new PR. Ed Wilson set a grand-master's racing team record and picked up an age group award, running a PR 1:00:44. A few more racing team members competed in the Cherry Pit Ten Miler on the same day in Annapolis. Amanda Beal led the women's field with a winning time of 1:04:27, which was also a new PR. Adam Wytko took 3rd overall while Mark Landree placed 6th overall and was the first masters runner.

Cherry Blossom Ten Miler Results:
Women's Results
16Julia Roman-Duval58:09 (PR)
22Beth Hannon59:53 (PR)
29Caroline Bauer1:01:08
40Tori Berard1:02:56
75Kelly Westlake1:04:472nd 40-44
99Noel McCracken1:06:02 (PR)
310Tammy Liu Hermstein1:13:25 (PR)
Men's Results
38Carlos Renjifo52:32
40Andrew Madison52:49
50Kevin Ford55:22 (PR)
55Mark Buschman55:49
78Mark Loeffler57:33 (PR)
149Ed Wilson1:00:44 (PR, RTR)2nd 50-54
216Tunde Morakinyo1:03:05

Cherry Pit Ten Miler Results:
Women's Results
1Amanda Beal1:04:27 (PR)
Men's Results
3Adam Wytko59:36
6Mark Landree1:01:03 (PR)1st Masters

Racing Team Members at the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler

The next big race was Clyde's 10K, organized by the Howard County Striders. The racing team had a strong showing at the race. Eric Schuler and Luke Janik led the men's field, placing top two overall while Noel McCracken took second place among women. Mark Landree ran a PR for the second week in a row, while picking up the first place prize for his age group. The hillier course prevented any one else from running a PR, but many team members won age group awards.

Clyde's 10K Results:
Women's Results
2Noel McCracken41:18
13Rachel Collins46:303rd 35-39
Men's Results
1Eric Schuler34:35
2Luke Janik35:12
5Craig Lebro35:48
8Adam Wytko35:561st 35-39
11Mark Landree36:20 (PR)1st 45-49
12Mark Eagles36:501st 20-24
13Mark Loeffler37:202nd 35-39
15Tunde Morakinyo38:561st Grand Master
19Brian Shadrick40:24
30John Chall41:472nd 55-59
37Yasuo Oda42:213rd 55-59

The racing team followed Clyde's with another competitive local 10K at Pikes Peek. The net downhill course and pleasant weather led to several PRs and many fast times. Carlos Renjifo led the men's team, placing 6th overall, while Caroline Bauer led the Striders women, placing 7th overall.

Clyde's 10K Results:
Women's Results
7Caroline Bauer37:40
30Linda-Lou O'Connor43:473rd 45-49
Men's Results
6Carlos Renjifo31:31
17Kevin Ford33:30
20Luke Janik33:54 (PR)
24Mark Loeffler34:35 (PR)2nd 35-39
33Ryan Bull35:46
36Adam Wytko35:533rd 35-39
37Mark Eagles36:09
44Tunde Morakinyo37:071st 50-54
67Brian Shadrick38:54 (PR)
104John Chall40:422nd 55-59
119Yasuo Oda41:413rd 55-59

Racing Team Members at the Pikes Peek 10K

Several racing team members made the trip to Boston for the 121st Boston Marathon. Runners dealt with warm, sunny conditions but still managed to run fast times on the prestigious course.

121st Boston Marathon Results:
Women's Results
80Beth Hannon2:59:33
Men's Results
228Eric Schuler2:42:08
1135Conrad Orloff2:57:37
1465Ed Wilson3:01:09
2311Jason Tripp307:02

With so many fast races in April, many of the racing team members will probably take some time off. But you can still catch some of them out running at the Howard County Striders Spring Hops 5K or the Frederick Half Marathon.