Sunday, April 28, 2013

PR City

Still a week behind, but I'll catch up eventually...

Last Saturday, we had a couple nice performances in some lower key races.  Adam won the Glen Mar 5k handily in 17:30.  Maurice was 30th at the Sole of the City 10k in Baltimore, grabbing the top Master honors.

Keith, a week removed from Boston, laced up the racers on Sunday for the GW Parkway 10 Miler and met his pre-race goal of under an hour, crossing the line in 59:24 for 14th overall.

Meanwhile, in Rockville, a large group of Striders woke up at the crack of down for the Pike's Peek 10k.  This race is known to be fast and always gets about a dozen or so African runners to blaze sub-29 minute times!  This year, the weather was a tad on the chilly side, but we had a slight tail/cross wind while strolling down Rockville Pike on the point-to-point course.  We had new team records on the men's and ladies side.

Madison led for the way, going out in 5:00 for the first mile and was able to hold on for a 30+ second PR from his UMBC days, running 31:21 for 27th and nabbing the team recordMark was right behind, clocking nearly a 40 second PR in 31:33.  Carlos, in only his second return race, crossed the line in 32:06.  Chris won his AG in 34:54; it's good to see him healthy again!  Tunde, at age 49, ran a PR, breaking 37 for the first time with a 36:57.  Weems, still on the mend, finished in 38:32.  Bobby also broke 39; 38:54 and earned himself a spot on the elite team...CONGRATS BOBBY!!!  Mick was right behind him, running 39:11 for 3rd in the competitive 60-64 AG while John was right on his heels in 39:18.

In the ladies race, Kelly set a new team record with a stellar 37:04!  That's sub-6:00 pace and she's a Master!  Way to go Kelly!!!  Jessica had a big day, running a new PR of 38:17.  Tiffany was next with a huge PR of 39:36, also qualifying for the elite team!!!  Dorothy crushed her AG, finishing in 42:17 after telling me on the ride down how tired she was.

The Party Bus crew...all smiles post Pike's Peek
 Another great weeks on the roads.  Catch us if you can...

Saturday, April 20, 2013's as simple as that

Well, it's been quite a rollercoaster ride this past week.  I will start with the obvious.  The bombings at the finish line of the 117th Boston Marathon early Monday afternoon were a harsh reminder to America that we live in a world where anything goes, and people with radical anti-American views will do whatever it takes to disturb the lives of those they despise (us).  When I first saw the headline, it was from a non-credible online news source.  I thought it was a dirty hoax...until ESPN broke the story.  Then my jaw hit the floor.  The immediate thought is that you hope that all your friends and family up in Boston were safe.  The good news is that the social media world makes that 1,000 times easier then 20 years ago when we relied on the USPS and 20 pound cell phones with poor signals.  Our hearts and prayers are with the victims (4 dead, 175+ injured) and their families.  Fortunately, we woke up yesterday morning to find that Suspect #1 was shot to death during an engagement with police.  Then yesterday evening, Suspect #2 was caught alive.  For the sake of everyone involved, I hope law enforcement gets the answers they need then put him out of his misery.

The running community is unique.  Many of us get up early to go out and rack up the miles and sacrifice valuable free time to rest for a race.  Many of the toughest people I know are runners and that's because running is a sport where you can't fake your fitness.  If you don't go out and work hard, you will not get the results you are looking for.  It was overwhelming to see how the running community put on thousands of runs for Boston over the past few days.  Though I haven't spoken to him directly, I hear our own Dr. Kent, getting a post-race massage when the bombs went off, rushed over to the finish line and offered his medical assistance with the triage set up at the medical tents.  This is one of I'm sure many heroic type stories that make us the best country in the world!  I know we will move past this and become stronger because of it.  As a matter of fact, I've personally become more motivated than ever to sign up for the 118th Boston Marathon next year and run my ass off for those who no longer can.  I think that the race will be one of the largest celebrations that historic race has ever seen!  For those who have or will get a BQ prior to registration opening in September, I encourage you to join me and partake in truly one of the world's greatest races and part of American history...THINK ABOUT IT

Now, let's shift gears and get to the more positive part of the post...race results from last weekend...

Sunday morning started with a Columbia running tradition...the 35th Annual Clyde's 10k.  It was a bit chilly as the starting gun went off, but overall the weather was near perfect.  Kyle Stanton had this race in the bag within the first few steps, going out in +/- 5:05 for the first mile and never looking back, winning in 31:27.  He is going for a sub-30 at the Olympic Development 10k at the Penn Relays next weekend!  Madison took 2nd, running a controlled 32:52.  Mark, running 22 miles the day before, was 3rd in 33:32.  Kevin didn't have his best day, but ran a very respectable 34:48 for 5th.  Adam was right behind in 34:57 for 6th.  Peter won the Master's crown, running 35:44 for 9th.  This guy only runs a couple times a week!  Chris was next, finishing 11th in 36:26.  Our newest addition, the ageless one, Dave Berardi crossed the line in 37:38 (16th).  Phil had a nice race despite battling some nagging injuries (38:11).  Tunde was 27th with a 38:52 and John won his AG in 41:30.

On the ladies side, Kelly rocked it once again, running around a minute faster than last year, finishing 2nd in 38:38.  Suzy, another new addition, wasn't far behind in 3rd, clocking a 39:04.  Robyn was 8th in 40:40.  Vicki had another strong performance, running 43:21 for 11th and Dorothy crushed her AG, crossing the line in 43:44 for 14th.

Here's some pics, courtesy of Mick:

Dave, with James and Doug tracking
Dorothy and Vicki doing battle
Monday was Patriot's Day.  The weather at the start of the 117th Boston Marathon looked about as good as it gets, 47 degrees and light wind.  The gun went off and thousands of runners began their 26.2 mile journey from Hopkinton to Boston.  Conrad was in #beastmode again this year, running 2:43:07.  Keith said he struggled the last 5 miles or so, but added another sub 3-hour marathon to his resume, 2:54:21.  Kent ran the second half with a seizing calf, but this dude is a true baller and still averaged 7:00/mi pace, crossing the line in 3:03:58.

Our lone lady was Caroline who had been training his ass off the past few months for this race.  She indicated that it was painful, but she busted out a 5+ minute PR, meeting her sub-3:10 goal, running 3:09:37.  Way to go Caroline!!!

Boston crew, post-race (left to right): Donnie, Caroline, Grace, Keith

So blessed that everyone was safe and I know we will continue to run hard and achieve our goals!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013



In related news, what is wrong with people in this world???


Here's what I've seen so far:

Conrad - 2:43:07
Keith - 2:54:21
Kent - 3:03:58
Caroline - 3:09:37 (5 minute PR!)

Shalane Flanagan - 2:27:08 (4th)
Kara Goucher - 2:28:11 (6th)

There's still several Striders on the course.  I thought the men's time was quite slow as the temperature and headwind (at least in Hopkinton) seemed near ideal; I'm curious to hear race reports.  AWESOME JOB EVERYONE!!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013


All roads lead here...

Good luck to Kent, Keith, Conrad, Caroline, any and all Striders and anyone else who is running tomorrow!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cherry Blossoms (and pollen) in the air...

Just another delayed travel and beer kept me from my duties once again this week.

Last Sunday marked the first big time local race of the Spring season....Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

This has always been a staple race for many of us as the course is fast, the competition is world-class, and compared to other races, this one is very affordable and surprisingly not too much of a hassle to get to (once you get off the Metro).

As we stepped off the top stair of the escalator onto the Mall, the air was brisk and the sun had not yet rose about the horizon.  I know I had personally under-dressed and immediately began to feel my body using tons of energy to keep my skinny frame warm.  However, once the sun did come up shortly before 7am, it did warm up just enough to make most of us decide to ditch the winter hat, armwarmers, and gloves.

The gun went off a few minutes late and thousands of runners blazed down the road to the Arlington Memorial Bridge.  This race is notorious for tons of people going out way too fast and paying for it the second half, despite the flat terrain.  On the men's side, I knew this was my year to have to lead the team due to injuries and despite being the first Strider to cross the line (53:33), I was disappointed with my performance, as I had tightness in my knee which forced me to slow down quite a bit from Miles 6-9, it was was a small PR.  However, the rest of the team picked up the slack.  Carlos, in his debut comeback race, executed his pre-race plan to perfection, going out in 5:20 and holding 5:20-5:30 pace the rest of the way, finishing 36th in 54:13.  Kevin, running his first non-Club Challenge 10 mile race of his career, had the race of the day, crushing his PR by 80 seconds, running 56:10.  Seth had high expectations this year after crushing this course last year, and ran very well considering his lack of speedwork, finishing in 56:57 (67th).  Steve ran with Kevin and Seth for a majority of the race but faded a bit in the last few miles, but ran a PR nonetheless in 57:21.  Craig followed shortly behind in 58:08, then Keith who ran the course as a last minute hard workout for Boston (58:25).  Maurice led the Master's team as he continues to get back into top form, finishing 2nd in his AG in 63:17.  Tunde, also on the comeback trail, wasn't far behind in 64:00.  Weems crossed the line in 64:25 and John in 66:51.  Bobby, running the race as a 'medical runner', stopped several times to assess runners having difficulty and with his cell phone, ran 68:35.  Impressive, Doc!

In the ladies race, our top 2 finishers both ran over two and a half minute plus PRs, that's right....150+ seconds!!!  Kelly led the way, finishing as the second Master in the race in 62:20.  I saw her at the finish line and she was smiling as usual, but I could sense she was hoping to run even faster than she did!  Caroline, also running Boston in two days and in complete beast-mode with her training, rocked it once again with a 64:04.  She doesn't agree with me, but I know she is capable of a sub-3:07 marathon right now.  Robyn had a heck of a day herself....WINNING her AG with a 65:35 performance...A-MA-ZING!!!  Vicki, also on the upswing, had another great performance after telling me days before the day she didn't think she was even in shape to race 10 miles (typical Lang), running 70:51.  Finally, Dorothy finished 2nd in her AG in 72:14!

In the team competition, the Men's 'A' and 'B' teams finished 2nd and 5th, respectively, losing to Potomac River.  The mixed Master's 'A' and 'B' teams took 2nd and 4th, respectively.  Great job everyone!!!

Meanwhile in Annapolis, Adam opted for the low-key Cherry Pit 10 Miler put on by the Annapolis Striders.  He finished 4th in 58:24, winning his AG (and hopefully a pie?).

Here's some finish line pics courtesy of Issel:


Post-race group shot
Steve and Carlos with their pregnant wifeys post-race

Here's a short video put together by Carlos:

Sunday, April 7, 2013

FLASH: Cherry Blossom results

On a chilly, windy morning in DC, we sure packed a punch out there!  (Un)official results (known PRs in bold):

Mark Buschman    53:33
Carlos Renjifo    54:13
Kevin Ford    56:10
Seth Geoghegan    56:57
Steve Olenick    57:21
Craig Lebro    58:08
Keith Levasseur    58:25
Maurice Pointer    1:03:17
Tunde Morakinyo    1:04:00
Weems McFadden    1:04:25
John Chall    1:06:51
Kelly Westlake    1:02:20
Caroline Bauer    1:04:04

Robyn Humphrey    1:05:35
Vicki Lang    1:10:51
Dorothy Beckett    1:12:14

Sorry in advance if I missed anyone!  Races of the day go to Kevin on the men's side with nearly an 80 second PR.  Carlos, in his comeback race, ran a tremendous race as well!  On the ladies side, Kelly and Caroline destroyed their PRs by 2:30+...AMAZING LADIES!  Also, Robyn brought home GOLD in the 45-49 AG!  DDAMMNNNN

Full race report to follow...