Sunday, December 6, 2015

Marathon Bonanza!

The year is winding down, but Striders have been hot during this Fall's marathon racing season.  There were many PRs, with the women's open marathon record falling TWICE in just two weeks.

Adam Wytko opened things up in September with a solid 2:53:54 to win the Bagel to Beer Marathon in Columbia.

Linda-Lou O'Connor ran the Wineglass Marathon for 3rd Master in 3:22:51, and toed the line again less than a month later to run the NYC Marathon in 3:33:32.

Noel McCracken also ran the Wineglass Marathon, notching a 3:14:49, good for 17th.

Ed Wilson (3:18:26), Tunde Morakinyo (3:24:44 as a pacer!), Alex Wang (3:12:01, also a pacer) knocked out respectable performances in Baltimore.

Beth Hannon knocked out a solid PR at Marine Corps, running 3:10:44.

A contingent of Striders were also at the Philadelphia Marathon two weeks ago, with Craig Lebro leading the way with a huge PR (2:36:51).  Kevin Ford was next in 2:44:32 (also a PR), while Alex Wang slashed about 5 minutes off of her PR by running 2:45:25.  Alex's time was good for a women's RTR.  Ed Wilson also set a RTR for the Grand Master category, destroying his Baltimore time and running under 3 hours (2:59:32).

The performance of the hour has to be Julia Roman-Duval's Olympic Trials Qualifying marathon performance at the California International Marathon.  She ran even splits for a 2:40:36, which makes her the newest racing team record-holder.  Great job Julia!

Congratulations to everyone who were able to see their hard training to completion this Fall.  Keep up the great work!