Tuesday, March 10, 2015

F-F-February W-w-wrap-Up-p-p

We've finally made it to March!  This warmer weather couldn't come a moment too soon.  Hats off to our runners who braved record-breaking cold temperatures and snowy/icy conditions (or terminally boring treadmills) this winter to keep their spring racing goals alive.

The RRCA Ten Mile Challenge was postponed due to weather conditions and may (or may not) be rescheduled in the coming months.  But don't let that get you down, there are still some awesome races (and nicer racing conditions) coming soon.  The Boston Marathon is just around the corner and Clyde's 10k, the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Race and many more are coming up even sooner.

Some Striders did manage to get a race (or three) in last month.  Here's the rundown:

Nick Grossi and John Chall entered the Penguin Pace 5k, running 18:43 for 4th and 20:19 for 9th overall, respectively.

One week later Nick entered another 5k and bettered his previous time, running 18:01 for 22nd place at the Love the Run You're With 5k.  He was joined by Linda Lou O'Connor who ran 20:40 for 14th (she also won her age group!).

Less than a week after that, the flurry of 5k performances continued, with Linda Lou and Mark Eagles running 20:51 for 4th and 17:53 for 6th, respectively.

Kevin Ford made a trip out to Pasadena, CA to visit family and ran the Race on the Base 10k in 34:01 (a PR), coming in 1st.  On the same day, Mark Eagles ran the Sykesville Shiver Shuffle 5k in 18:33 for 3rd while Carlos Renjifo destroyed the Color Your Heart 5k, running 16:01 for 1st by a sizable margin.

Great job everybody!

Friday, February 6, 2015

January Wrap-Up

Striders Awards Ceremony:
Congratulations to all of our members who won awards at the Strider Banquet on January 10th, 2015.  A special shout out goes to Dorothy Becket and Carlos Renjifo.  Their years of hard work and contributions to the club have earned them each a spot in the Striders Hall of Fame!

Strider Races:
January this year was a fairly quiet month for the Striders Racing Team but there were still some notable performances:

On New Year's Day Brian Shadrick lit up the Winfield Mile in Sykesville, setting a Masters course record and nabbing 4th place in a competitive race.  Brian also got 4th place at the Freeze Your Buns 5k, running a solid 18:18.

Chris Chattin and John Chall turned out for the Burleigh Manor 5k, running 19:17 for 8th place and 20:21 for 14th place, repectively.  Great job guys!

To finish off the month, Tiffany Hevner cracked 90 minutes for the half in the High Cloud Snapple Half Marathon in Potomac, MD.  She ran 1:29:41 for second place!

February is now upon us and the end of winter is sorta almost maybe in sight!  There are only three weeks left until the RRCA Ten Mile Challenge.  Good luck with your training, and stay warm if you can!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Striders in the Rankings!

Last year was a great year for the Striders Racing Team, with several of our members being recognized in Racepacket's regional runner rankings.

Here are the Striders who snagged some of the top spots in their respective divisions:


7 - Julia Roman-Duval
14 - Tori Berard
27 - Jess Ivy
46 - Kelly Westlake

Age 40-44
4 - Kelly Westlake

Age 45-49
4 - Robyn Humphrey
8 - Linda Lou O'Connor

Age 50-54
3 - Robyn Humphrey
7 - Janeth Scott

Age 55-59
4 - Dorothy Beckett


27 - Carlos Renjifo

11 - Steve Olenick

5 - Conrad Orloff
14 - Jason Tripp

45- 49
3 - Pete Keating
18 - Phil Lang

3 - Dave Berardi
18 - Tunde Morakinyo

7 - John Chall
8 - Bobby Gessler

1 - Mick Slonaker
4 - Bob Burns

Monday, January 5, 2015

HCS Racing Team Blog is Back!

Thanks for your patience!  As an apology for not posting in a while, please accept this gif of a penguin fetching a newspaper:
The 25 Most Important Penguin Gifs On The Internet

2015 promises to be a big year for the Striders!  Everyone's favorite race (The RRCA 10 Mile Challenge) is only seven weeks away and should be a good opportunity to see the benefits from this winter's training.  Good luck to everyone this week, we're going to have a few chilly days out there!

Wrapping up December of 2014:

Jason Tripp participated in the Jingle Bell Walk/Run 5k and walked or ran his way to the W in 18:50 which is either impressive or very impressive depending on his choice.

Mick Slonaker, Jess Ivy, and Tiffany Hevner represented the Striders at the Reston Run for Santa 5k.  Mick (20:22) and Tiffany (19:23) ran well, winning their respective age groups.  Jess kicked butt and snagged 3rd place overall in the female division.

A large contingent of Striders turned out for the Celtic Solstice 5 Miler in Baltimore.  There were a handful of PRs set in addition to many impressive overall and age-group performances.  Julia set a racing team record for the 5 mile distance (with a victory to boot).  Carlos also took first place and was finally able to grab his first win on the course after many valiant attempts.  Great job everyone who ran!
Carlos Renjifo25:591st
Andrew Madison27:243rd
Jason Tripp29:4813th2nd (M40-44)
Ed Wilson31:1231st3rd (M50-54)
John Chall32:4761st2nd (M55-59)
Julia Roman-Duval28:501stPR, RTR
Tori Berard30:083rdPR
Dorothy Beckett36:571st (F55-59)

Peter Keating and  Conrad Orloff  made the trek up to the Lehigh Valley to run at XC Club Nationals.  They performed very well, with Conrad running 34:19 for 42nd and Peter running 35:02 for 69th on the grassy 10k course.

Mark Eagles wrapped up our year with a trio of performances at the Anniversary 15k (57:55 for 9th), the Rudolph Run 6k (21:24 for 6th), and the Seneca Slopes 9k Trail Race (39:22 for 7th).  Great job Mark!

Thanks for a wonderful 2014.  We hope 2015 will be even better!

Monday, March 17, 2014


This blog's manager has been absolutely horrendous at developing posts so far in 2014 but rest assured, that will change.  Unfortunately, there's been so many past performances thus far, I'm forced to summarize or else this would be a book...

This winter has been a nightmare for training.  Bitter cold, above average snow, and lots of wind have made it much tougher to log the miles and get in some quality work along the way.  However, with the conditions the way they've been, it has made it that much more satisfying to enter the spring racing season with a solid fitness level.

So here we go, here's a summary of results since the New Year:

1/26/2014BRRC GPS 8 MilerPhil Lang53:166th1st (M40-49)

2/2/2014Penguin Pace 5kConrad Orloff17:203rd1st (M40-49)

Nick Grossi18:475th2nd (M30-39)

Robyn Humphrey21:123rd1st (F40-49)

2/8/2014Mid-Maryland 50kAdam Wytko4:08:494th

2/9/2014Love the Run You're With 5kNick Grossi17:5922nd

2/22/2014Gasparilla 15kMick Slonaker1:01:5476th1st (M60-69)

February 23rd featured the first big team race of the year and I know it's everyone's favorite....RRCA Club Challenge.  The Georgetown Running Company (GRC) showed up for the first time this year which I was personally very happy to see.  They have many talented runners on both the men's and ladies side (though they didn't field a complete women's team this year) and should make this race much more competitive in the coming years.  Falls Road took the overall crown once again, with a narrow one point victory in the men's team race.  Conditions were near perfect for a late February morning.  As for us, the men's team took 3rd.  Mark led the way in 54:25, followed closely by Madison (54:32; PR) and Carlos (54:34).  David had a great race, running a PR by roughly 2 minutes in 57:05Steve was next in 57:41 with Conrad right behind (57:52, a PR)Craig (59:12) and Peter (59:51) closed out the sub-60 performances.  Dave ran a solid race in 60:56.  Phil clocked a 62:52 as he battles his on-going nagging injuries and Tunde was 64:28.

The ladies team was 2nd.  Tori led the way and had the race of the day, running 63:06 in her first 10 mile race EVER!  She has a chance to run around an hour at Cherry Blossom in a couple weeks.  Julia finished in 64:37, right in front of Jess (64:49).  Kelly ran 66:25, Tiff was 68:58, Robyn cracked 70 (69:40), and Dorothy wrecked her AG (75:51).

A few pics (courtesy of Denise Hyde):

Fast forward to March 9th, Mick and Tiff took to the streets of DC for the St. Patrick's Day 8kMick took 2nd in his AG in 31:39 and Tiff ran a PR in 31:17.  She's looking good for Boston!

Kevin, also returning from an achilles injury and training for Boston, clocked a solid effort of 76:04 at the Rock 'N Roll USA Half this past Saturday.

And finally, yesterday was the Kelly's Shamrock 5k in B-more.  Carlos led the way running 15:26 for 3rd.  Steve ran a PR (16:37) by a fraction.  Seth, who hasn't ran much as of late was next in 16:41.  Craig broken 17 (16:54), Jason in 17:15, Nick was 17:32.  Dave ran 17:44, Tunde ran 18:07, and Phil was right on his heels in 18:10 the day after an 18.5 mile long run.

Julia ran a NEW TEAM RECORD in 17:45 for 3rd!  Kelly had a nice day as well in 18:54 for top Master.  Vicki made her return to the racing scene winning her AG in 20:52, and Dorothy followed suit in 21:26.

I nabbed a couple race photos from Pete Mulligan:

Carlos rounding the last turn
Phil's finishing kick

Sunday, December 15, 2013

December Racing Madness

The past couple weekends have been cold, blustery, and snowy.  Let's get to it:

Sunday, December 8th - Run with Santa 5k (Reston, VA)

A group of us braved the lousy weather and drove down to Reston for this race, put on by Potomac River Running.  It draws some pretty serious competition.  It was very cold, windy, and was snowing moderately the entire race.  On the men's side, Mark led the way, nearly taking a rear end dive at the first turn, finishing 7th in 17:03.  Tunde ran 19:23 for 3rd in his AG.  Mick won his AG in 20:04 and Bobby won his in 20:28.

Jess led the women's team, allegedly outkicking her husband, Jack, at the line.  She won her AG and finished just outside the $ in 4th with an 18:37.  Kendra was 15th in 20:36.

Our team took 2nd in the open division.

Some action shots:

Mark finishing
Jess getting ready to kick it past Jack

Tunde with zero feet on the ground

Mick with a snow beard
Kendra kicking it in
Bobby at the awards ceremony

Saturday, December 14th - Celtic Solstice (Baltimore)

This race is the biggest winter race in Baltimore and is very well organized by Jim Adams and Falls Road Running Store.  The good news was that the rain and snow held off so the roads were dry.  Too bad the hills were still there.  The first 2.25 miles or so are mostly uphill, though the course changed slightly this year back to the 'old' course from a few years back.  I personally found it to be a tad easier at the hills were more gradual.

Carlos ran for the win but had to settle for 3rd in 25:56.  Madison was next in 26:20 (his official time was shown to be 15 seconds faster but I know it is wrong) for 4th.  Mark grabbed 6th in 26:35.  David ran a nice race in 27:04 for 7th.  TJ, battling some lower back pain, went out hard but was forced to back it off but still ran a great time of 27:45 for 10th.  Jeremy appears to be 100% healthy as he clocked 28:33 for 13th, three seconds ahead of Kevin (28:36).  Chris was 16th in 28:50 and notched the top Master spot.  Jason, also still on the mend, cracked the top 20 with a 29:19.  Tunde ran an amazing race, getting his second elite team qualifier in 31:20.  WAY TO GO TUNDE!  Maurice won his AG in 31:32 as did Weems in 32:16.  Bobby was 60th in 32:41 and Mick was right behind in 32:46 for the AG win.

The women also cleaned house.  Julia ran with Sherry Stick for a bit but couldn't quite keep up.  She was 2nd with a PR of 30:18.  In her debut race, Tori ran a fantastic race taking 3rd in 30:41.  Kelly took the Master win, finishing 5th in PR fashion with a 31:57Robyn drafted off of Mick most of the race as she admittedly isn't in top form, but easily won her AG and finished 12th in 32:52.  In related news, Tiff is finally back running after tearing her plantar and her and Emily (also still getting fully healthy) ran the race at a comfortable pace and rockin' Christmas apparel!

A few photos:

Postrace group shot...Strider Blue aplenty

Emily and Tiff smiling at the camera, decked out in festive gear
 Reminder that our Annual Racing Team party is set for this Tuesday starting at 6pm at Feet First.  Our Annual Christmas Lights run is Wednesday at 7pm, starting at the Swim Center (bagel run start).  Finally, if anyone is looking for a low-key XC race or a tempo run, Phil is putting on his Rudolph Run 6k/Two Person Relay next Saturday at OMHS.  Race starts at 10am.  If you'll be around, come out and support Bullseye Running!  Click the Bullseye link in the upper left corner of the page to register.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

East Coast Turkey Trottin'

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone and while I suspect all of us stuffed our bellies with delicious food and perhaps some beer and wine.  There were some good performances in various Turkey Day races up and down the East Coast:

Carlos took to the streets of Charleston, SC in a very competitive Charleston Turkey Day Run.  He was seeded #5 based on anticipated finish time.  After crossing mile 1, the leader, a near 2012 Olympic Trials Qualifier was 20 seconds ahead of the chase pack.  Carlos went through the first mile in 4:51 then took over and finished 2nd in 15:32, collecting some $$$ for his efforts.

Carlos at the postrace awards holding his true gift
 In Charm City, Dave ran conservatively at the YMCA Turkey Trot 5k on a hilly course in Druid Hill.  He took tops GM honors, finishing 4th in 19:34.  Mick hit the streets of Brooklyn, NY in at the Prospect Park Track Club Turkey Trot 5 Miler.  He won his AG easily in 32:08.  Jeremy ran a solid 28:40 for 4th at the BCRR Thanksgiving Day 5 Miler.

On Sunday, John ran the Annapolis Striders' Cold Turkey 10k and won his AG in 39:27.

NEXT UP: Run with Santa 5k this Sunday then Celtic Solstice next Saturday...