Saturday, April 1, 2017

March 2017

The Striders Racing Team had a handful of big races in March as the spring racing season got underway. Many runners competed in the annual Shamrock 5K in downtown Baltimore. The St. Patrick's day themed race attracts top racing talent with its fast downhill course and cash prizes. Carlos Renjifo led the men with a second place finish in 15:25 while Caroline Bauer led the women with a third place finish in 17:37. Beth Hannon, Amanda Beal, Kevin Ford, and Mark Loeffler all ran PRs, while many received age group awards for their performances.

Shamrock 5K Results:
Women's Results
3Caroline Bauer17:373rd overall
4Beth Hannon17:51 (PR)1st 30-39
Amanda Beal19:01 (PR)
Linda-Lou O-Connor20:381st master
Tammy Liu21:281st 50-54
Men's Results
2Carlos Renjifo15:25
3Andrew Madison15:36
11Kevin Ford16:19 (PR)
18Ryan Bull16:45
19Craig Lebro16:45
21Mark Loeffler16:56 (PR)
23Adam Wytko17:00
28Jason Tripp17:122nd 40-44
29Mark Eagles17:20
41Brian Shadrick18:073rd 40-44
50Tunde Morakinyo18:301st 50-54
80John Chall19:271st 55-59
95Yasuo Oda20:022nd 55-59

Racing Team Members at the Shamrock 5K

While some Striders member stuck to the shorter distances, those training for spring marathons like Boston chose to race longer distances. At the Rock & Roll DC races, Eric Schuler and Kelly Westlake ran the half marathon while Ed Wilson ran the full marathon. Eric finished 11th overall in 1:11:14 (PR) to place 1st in the 20-24 age group. Kelly ran 1:29:42 and won first place masters. Ed finished in 3:16:50. Caroline Bauer and Linda Lou O'Connor traveled to Virginia Beach to run the Anthem Half Marathon. Caroline won the race in 1:19:55 (PR) while Linda-Lou ran 1:35:30 to win the 45-49 age group. In the Tim Kennard River Run in Salisbury, Tori Berard finished 3rd in 1:05:16.
Eric Schuler finishing the Rock & Roll DC Half Marathon

April promises to be a busy month for racing team members. Runners will compete in the Cherry Blossom 10M (April 2nd), the Boston Marathon (April 17th), Pike's Peek 10K (April 23rd), and the Howard County Striders sponsored Clyde's 10K.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February 2017

Racing team members began February with the annual Penguin Pace 5K. The yearly event supports the Bain Senior Center in Columbia, MD, which also serves start and finish for the race. The Bain Center also hosts the post-race brunch provided by the Elkridge Furnace Inn, a race sponsor. The racing team cleaned up the awards at the Penguin Pace, sweeping the top 3 overall awards on both the men's and women's side. Many racing team members also won age group awards. Performances by racing team members are highlighted below. Click here for full results

Women's Results
1Caroline Bauer19:061st overall
2Beth Hannon19:321st 30-39
3Amanda Beal20:242nd 30-39
5Linda Lou O'Connor22:061st 40-49
6Tammy Liu Hermstein22:471st 50-59
Men's Results
1Andrew Madison17:081st overall
2Adam Wytko17:371st 30-39
3Mark Loeffler17:562nd 30-39
5Mark Landree18:142nd 40-49
10Mark Eagles18:552nd 20-29
13Brian Shadrick19:17
14Tunde Morakinyo19:241st 50-59
16Ed Wilson19:532nd 50-59
20John Chall20:353rd 50-59
35Bobby Gessler22:351st 60-69

John Chall and Tunde Morakinyo, Penguin Pace 50-59 age group winners

Adam Wytko and Mark Loeffler, Penguin Pace 30-39 age group winners

Brian Shadrick went up to Druid Hill Park in Baltimore for the Cupid's Crush 5 Miler. He placed 8th overall in 33:27 and won first place masters.
Brian Shadrick

The racing team wrapped up February with their most important race of the year: the RRCA Club Challenge 10 Miler! Each year, the racing team represents the Striders against all other running clubs in Maryland and DC. The women's team, not bothered by the strong winds, took home a collection of trophies. They won the overall, under-40, and grand-master team awards while placing 2nd in the master's division. On the men's side, the grand-master's team finished 2nd, just 5 points behind the winning Montgomery County team. They placed 3rd in all other divisions (overall, under-40, and master's), losing to rivals Georgetown and Falls Road running clubs in each division. Julia Roman-Duval was victorious individually with a winning time of 1:00:04. Andrew Madison led the men's team, placing 8th overall in a time of 54:05. Click here for all individual and team results.

Women's Results
1Julia Roman-Duval1:00:04
4Caroline Bauer1:02:03
9Beth Hannon1:03:48
11Tori Berard1:04:09
16Amanda Beal1:06:03
45Linda-Lou O'Connor1:12:14
69Tammy Liu Hermstein1:17:17
Men's Results
8Andrew Madison54:05
10Eric Schuler54:17
11Carlos Renjifo54:20
23Kevin Ford56:25
28Mark Buschman57:00
34Luke Janik58:13
37Craig Lebro58:40
42Mark Loeffler59:23
44Adam Wytko59:26
51Jason Tripp1:00:12
54Ryan Bull1:00:27
92Ed Wilson1:04:41
112Tunde Morakinyo1:06:14
151Yasuo Oda1:09:31
152John Chall1:09:28

Racing team members at the RRCA Club Challenge 10M

Finally, the racing team welcomed Luke Janik as its newest member. Luke currently attends Northeastern University in Boston where he competes with the school running club. He is currently working a Co-Op in the Maryland area for several months.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January 2017

The Striders Racing Team began the new year with the annual Striders Resolution Run 8K in Columbia. Unlike past years when the prediction run was held on New Years Day, this year's event was held on New Years Eve. Several racing team members participated before enjoying their new years celebrations. Yasuo Oda was the closest team member to the winning time, finishing only 18 seconds before 3:00pm.

Racing Team MemberFinishing Time
Jason Tripp2:58:08.39pm
Eric Schuler2:59:13.81pm
Bobby Gessler2:59:18.80pm
Noel McCracken2:59:19.00pm
Yasuo Oda2:59:42.64pm
Tammy Hermstein3:00:30.77pm
John Chall3:00:55.26pm
Kelly Westlake3:01:52.21pm

Maryland road races are few and far between in January, but Caroline Bauer traveled to Florida to participate in the Key West Half Marathon. She placed sixth overall and second among women, running a time of 1:23:06.

The racing team got a rare opportunity to dress up in non-running clothes to attend the annual Striders Banquet. Several racing team members received yearly awards at the banquet.
Most Improved Runner of the Year - FemaleCaroline Bauer
Rachel Collins
Beth Hannon
Most Improved Runner of the Year - MaleMark Landree
Senior Grand Master Runner of the Year - MaleMick Slonaker
Grand Master Runner of the Year - MaleTunde Morakinyo
Master Runner of the Year - FemaleKelly Westlake
Master Runner of the Year - MaleJason Tripp
Runner of the Year - FemaleJulia Roman-Duval
Runner of the Year - MaleEric Schuler

Racing team members at the annual banquet and awards ceremony

The racing team welcomed two new members to the team in January. Amanda Beal, a former runner at the University of Pittsburgh, joined the Elite Team after running qualifying times at Clyde's 10K and the Down's Park 5 Miler. Adam Wytko rejoined the Development Team after taking some time off due to injuries.

The Racing Team will begin February with the Striders Penguin Pace 5K on February 5th at the Bain Center in Columbia, MD. They will also compete in the RRCA Club Challenge 10M on February 26th at Howard Community College.

Friday, September 16, 2016

HoCo at the A10 (Where the A stands for Awesome)


A couple weeks ago the Striders stepped up at one of the first major events of the Fall racing season, the Annapolis 10 Miler.  It's a challenging course and weather tends to be a factor, but it's a great chance to see how everyone's summer training has progressed.  The results were quite impressive:

Striders women swept the top three spots at the Annapolis 10 Miler a few weeks ago.
1st:  Caroline Bauer - 1:00:44
2nd:  Alex Wang - 1:02:33
3rd:  Beth Hannon - 1:05:29

Awesome job ladies!  That Caroline and Alex have run under 60 minutes before in a ten miler is a testament to the challenging conditions.  That just makes it all the more impressive!

Not to be outdone, the Striders men also had a top finisher in Andrew Madison, who claimed second in the men's race with a conveniently timed 55:55.

AG Domination:
Our masters weren't about to let the young guns have all the fun.  Linda-Lou O'Connor (2nd), John Chall (2nd), Ed Wilson (1st), Tunde Marakinyo (1st) and Conrad Fernandes (3rd) all rocked their respective age groups, taking top three honors.

Great job everyone!  If this is any indication, the Fall racing season is sure to be a fast one.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Fast Times at the Pike's Peek 10k

Pike's Peek 10k

Several Striders toed the line on April 24th at the Pike's Peek 10k in Rockville, MD.  It's one of the fastest 10km races around, with a favorable elevation drop and a lot of strong local competition.  For the Striders who didn't run Boston, and at least one who did (Conrad Fernandes is bonkers) this race was a great chance to snag some fast times to round out the Spring racing season.

Another Team Record Falls:
Julia Roman-Duval lowered her own racing team record while running a PR of 34:21.  On the women's side, she lead the race from the gun and took the victory by a margin of almost 3 minutes.

A PR and Impressive Age Group Performances:

Carlos Renjifo was the first Strider to finish, with his blistering 31:35 performance good for 6th overall and 1st in his AG.  Kevin Ford was next in 33:26 en route to a huge (30+ second) PR.

Carlos heel-striking like a boss.
Kevin and his aerodynamic beard.

Our speedy grand-masters Tunde Morakinyo (3rd in AG) and Mick Slonaker (1st in AG) both ran great!
Tunde, trying to think back to happier times.

Mick keeping his eyes on the prize... probably.

In the Masters category Tammy Liu Hermstein knocked out a solid 42:51 (5th in AG), while Conrad Fernandes crushed a 38:45 after having run the Boston Marathon only 6 days prior!  Awesome job everyone!

Conrad taking himself very seriously.
Tammy closing out a great performance!
(Here are the rest of the Results)

More Pics:
There were several individuals who were kind enough to take photos along the race course and put them up online.  Here are a few of the photos that I grabbed from the PP web site.

(If you'd like these removed, please reach out to me)

Monday, April 18, 2016

HoCo Striders In Boston!

The Boston Marathon draws some of the best runners from all over the world to one place so that they can run gradually downhill for a really long time, then uphill for a few brutal miles, and then downhill again once their legs are completely thrashed.  Boston is truly its own beast, and there's nothing quite like the journey from Hopkinton to Boyleston Street.  With Spring marathons the weather can present a unique challenge...will we get 35 degrees with wind and rain, or 80 degrees of muggy sunshine?  That's to say nothing about the weather during the months of Winter training leading up to the race.

Taking all these factors in stride, many of our Striders worked their butts off this year to prepare for Boston and we are proud of them!  This year it was a pleasant start which developed into a warm finish.  Despite this, several Striders knocked out impressive performances and even a PR on this difficult course.

On the Men's side, Andrew Madison held on after a quick start to lead the team in at 2:37:11 (good for 80th overall).  Mark Buschman (2:46:34) and Conrad Orloff (2:46:46) cruised in with respectable times, especially considering the former battled injuries all season and the latter struggled with illness in the days leading up to the race.  Ed Wilson (3:04:20), Conrad Fernandes (also 3:04:20), and Sean Costello (3:25:02) rounded out the Mens' performances.  Great job guys!

Beth Hannon blazed the trail for the women, setting a PR in 3:09:20 (209th female)!  Tiff Hevner rocked a 3:20:14, while Noel McCracken brought home a 3:23:27.  Kelly Westlake (who holds a sub-3:10 PR) toughed out a 3:31:41 to bring the Striders home.  Hats off to our awesome ladies!

It's wonderful that the Striders can send a strong contingent of runners to this historic race each year.  Congratulations on keeping up the tradition everyone!

Runners (and Cherry Blossoms) in the Wind

Spring 2016's weather so far has proven volatile.  About a week before the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run in DC it was apparent that we were in for a cold, windy race morning.  With steady winds at 20+ mph and gusts up to 40mph, the going was definitely tough in several sections of the race.  Competitors experienced some of the worst winds in the final two miles while making their way back from Hains Point.

Despite the sub-optimal weather conditions, many Striders came out to throw down impressive performances against stiff competition.

Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run

Team Competition:

Julia Roman-Duval (95th overall - 58:30) and Caroline Bauer (117th overall - 59:25) led the Striders women with crazy sub-hour performances.  Beth Hannon (64:18), Alex Wang (64:18), Tiffany Hevner (69:04) rounded out this impressive team.  Somehow they were the only open ladies team, so they won!  With performances like these it's likely they would have run away with the victory anyway.

Carlos Renjifo lead the men in with his 26th place finish in a time of 53:14.  The Striders men stacked up three more runners in 54th (Kevin Ford - 56:11), 63rd (Eric Schuler - 57:10), and 64th (Ryan Bull - 57:13).  The unofficial results have this group in second place!

Additional Notes/PRs:
Julia and Caroline were the 4th and 5th American women across the line, respectively, and both achieved PRs.

Beth Hannon and Mark Loeffler both achieved PRs, running 58:42 and 64:18, respectively.

(Photo Credits:  Greg Schuler via facebook)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Back in Action! Striders off to a Good Start in 2016

A Strider at the OT Marathon

This year the Striders got to watch as one of our own raced at the Olympic Marathon Trials in LA.  Julia Roman-Duval ran a solid race in hot and largely shade-less conditions, bringing home a very impressive 2:46:47.  That was good for 50th place against the best female marathoners the US has to offer, in weather which caused many strong participants to drop out.  Great job Julia!

RRCA Ten Mile Challenge

Club Challenge

A year after a disappointing weather-based cancellation, the Ten Mile Challenge returned with several Striders achieving top performances as well as PRs.

In the team competition the HCS Elite Men, Women, and Combined teams performed admirably.  The Women's team had the top two overall finishers (Julia and Caroline Bauer) who helped drive the team to a second place finish.  The Men's team came in third against some very tough competition (Falls Road put runners in five of the top six spots) and the Overall HCS team also came in third.

Carlos Renjifo bringing it home in 7th as the first Strider

New Strider Eric Schuler takes 8th

First Female
Julia takes 1st place at the Club Challenge

Not far behind is Caroline, taking 2nd place in some sweet shades

Hats off to everyone who came out.  The weather was beautiful, but the course was as tough as ever!  Below are a few more photos from the race (credit to Mike Fleming for the photos in today's post).  Enjoy!

Members of the second place Women's team
Members of the 3rd Place Men's Team