Thursday, June 27, 2019

Late Spring and Early Summer Racing Highlights

Striders racers have taken advantage of a cooler than usual late spring/early summer to wrack up strong performances and awards at several area races.

May highlights include:
  • Mark Landree came in 2nd with a time of 1:02:32 at the Cherry Pit 10 Miler.
  • At the Frederick Running Festival Half Marathon, Tunde Morakinyo took 1st place in the 55-59 age group at 1:26:54, while Jicheng Liu and Ed Wilson took 2nd in their age groups with times of 1:25:52 and 1:32:21.
  • John Chall came in 2nd overall at the Shipley's Choice Technology Trot 5K at 20:17 and also came in 2nd overall at the Knights of Columbus 8K at 34:40.
  • Faye Weaver won 1st place in the 40-49 age group at the Dirty German 50 Miler.
  • Eric Schuler took 1st overall at the Spring Into Summer 5K with an awesome 16:54.

At the annual Spring Hops 5K cross-country/trail race, Eric Schuler took 2nd overall at 19:33; Jicheng Liu took 1st place in the 40-49 age group at 22:27; and Tammy Liu took 1st in the female 50-59 age group at 27:56.

Debbie Cohen took 2nd place in the 60-64 age group at the York, PA Marathon with a BQ time of 4:18:19 (fingers crossed!), and James Blackwood took 3rd overall at the 17th Highway One 5K at 18:40.

Early June highlight include:

  • At the Baltimore 10-miler, Caroline Bauer came in 2nd overall female with a time of 1:02:24; Andrew Madison came in 2nd overall male with a time of 55:17; and Eric Schuler came in 4th and took first among 25-29 males at 55:33.
  • Mark Landree was 1st place male master at the Bel Air Town Run 5K at 17:25.
  • Tunde Morakinyo won 1st place in the 55-59 male at the San Diego Marathon with a tie of 3:02:43.
  • Jicheng Liu came in first among 40-49 males at the Maryland Half Marathon at 1:25:13.
  • John Chall came in first among 60-69 males at the Pikesville Miles that Matter 5K at 20:22.
Finally, Striders Women Racers took home a bounty of awards at our club-hosted Women's Distance Festival 5K June 6, including:

  • Lindsay Pickett took 2nd overall at 20:30:31 and Louise Valentine took 3rd place overall at 21:00. The1st place overall winner was 16-year-old Strider-racer-in-training Michelle Weaver, Faye Weaver's daughter.
  • Faye Weaver won Masters Female with a time of 21:53:02, while Tammy Liu won Grandmaster Female at 22:23:81.
  • Noel McCracken won 3rd place among 30-39 females at 22:10:1
  • Debbie Cohen took 1st among 60-69 females at 26:40:37.
  • In the mother-daughter team category, Faye and Michelle Weaver's Team were the fastest pair with a combined time of 42:11.
Other Striders non-racing team members also won a host of awards, and special thanks are due to the first-time co-race-directors of this event, the dynamic duo of Samantha Scherr Kieley and Emily Fleming Howe!!

Tammy Liu with family and friends at the Spring Hops 5K

Lindsay Pickett, Michelle and Faye Weaver and Debbie Cohen at the Womens Distance Festival 5K

Friday, May 3, 2019

Team Springs Into Strong Performances

Spring weather in Howard County has been anything but consistent, but our racing team has consistently racked up wins and solid performances in races big and small, near and far.

At the tail end of winter on March 17, Kevin Ford finished second in the 30-34 age group at the Tobacco Road Marathon in Cary, N.C., with a time of 2:54:11. Julia Roman-Duval sprang into first of all female runners at the Caesar Rodney Half Marathon in Wilmington, DE, with a time of 1:17:54. Adam Sachs came in first of all male runners at the local Kenya Connect 5K on March 30 with a time of 16:27. And in the B&A Half Marathon on March 31, Faye Weaver scored an age group win among 45-49 year old women with a time of 1:38:04, while Rachel Collins earned second place in the 35-39 category at 1:38:30.

A strong contingent of racing team members sped through the blooming buds of the nation's capitol at the annual Cherry Blossom 10-miler on April 7. Julia Roman-Duval captured first place in the 35-39 age group with a time of 56:30, while Jason Tripp snagged first in the 45-49 age group with a time of 28:37.

Other notable performances among the women included Hannah Cocchiaro with a time of 58:41, Callie Betman with a time of 1:05:21, and Lindsay Pickett with a time of 1:08:50. Among the men, Mark Buschman ran a 54:09; Kevin Ford, 58:39; James Blackwood, 1:00.01; Jicheng Liu, 1:04:27; and John Chall, 1:18:24.

Mark Landree took first place overall at the Springburst 10K on April 13th with a time of 37:05, while John Chall (42:47) and Debbie Cohen (54:03) won first place in the men's and women's 60-69 age group at the Clyde's 10K April 14th.

Battling weather conditions that ranged from cold to rainy, windy, and hot, Striders racers stayed BostonStrong at the 123rd Boston Marathon on April 15.

Highlights Include:

  • Craig Lebro 2:35:36
  • Eric Schuler 2:47:48
  • Adam Sachs 2:49:07
  • Jason Tripp 2:49:51
  • Conrad Orloff 2:52:15
  • Ed Wilson 3:20:13
  • Fay Weaver 3:35:16
  • Julia Skinner 3:49:56
  • Deb Taylor 3:54:42
  • Stephanie Caporaletti 3:55:02

Racing team members also took the Pike's Peek 10K by storm on April 28, snagging several awards including: second overall female for Hannah Cocchiaro with a time of 35:46; second place age group and a PR for Amanda Beal at 39:56; second place age group for Tammy Liu with a time of 46:58; first place in the 45-49 age group and a PR for Mark Landree at 35:27; second place age group in the 55-59 category for Tunde Morakinyo at 37:20; and second in the 60-64 category for John Chall with a time of 41:37. Congrats also to Lindsay Pickett at 40:49; Rachel Collins at 43:48; Kevin Ford at 35:25; James Blackwood at 35:36; and Ed Montgomery at 43:34.

Also on April 28, Julia Roman-Duval proved her mettle across the Pond, coming in 23rd overall and 3rd among all non-elite females in the London Marathon with a time of 2:37:15!!!!!

And Faye Weaver bounced back from Boston to the iconic Big Sur Marathon (Boston to Big Sur) with a time of 3:38:20.

In April, we also welcomed Louise Valentine to the Development Team and Callie Betman to the Elite Team.

Congrats to everyone for a stellar Spring so far - we can't wait to see what May brings!

Striders Racing Team members at the Feet First 40th Anniversary Celebration

Team members represent at Pike's Peek 10K

Deb Taylor and husband Danny Mooney at the 123rd Boston Marathon

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Howard County Striders Racing Team Members Excel in First Quarter Events

The Howard County Striders Racing Team has clocked some impressive performances so far this year! Tackling the notoriously roller-coaster steep hills in the cold, pouring rain, many racing team members had strong finishes in the RRCA Club Challenge 10 Miler. Held on February 24 at Howard County Community College, this annual race draws tough competitors from all the running clubs in the Maryland/DC area. There were a lot of no-shows due to the cold driving rain, so just showing up meant you had to be tough, which we were! The Howard County Striders Racing Team came in second of all clubs represented on both the women's and men's side.

Highlights included:
  • Julia Roman-Duval took first among all women with a time of 58:59, while Hannah Cocchiaro took second at 1:00.54.
  • Carlos Renjifo came in 11th among all men with a time of 54:40.15, and Andrew Madison took  13th with a time of 55:55.08.
  • Erin Chamberlain was first female master with a time of 1:08:29.19.
  • Jason Tripp was second male master with a time of 58:04.15
  • Tammy Liu was 8th in the female grandmaster category with a time of 1:20:22.80.
  • Ed Wilson was 4th male grandmaster with a time of 1:04:02.93.
Other team scorers not previously mentioned included, in the overall co-ed category:

Brent Frissora
Eric Schuler
Adam Sachs
Nathaniel Dordai

William Tripp
Craig Lebro
Zach Valentine

Tasha Hogan
Callie Betman
Amanda Beal
Faye Weaver

In the master category:

Lifeng Pu

Faye Weaver
Yan Zhang
Huifei Chen
Quana Frost

And in the grandmaster category:

Ed Wilson

Stephen Bohse

Dave Berardi
Tammy Liu
Linda Alms
Deborah Cohen

Pamela Yao

Louise Valentine also scored in the under 40 female category (all other under 40 males and females who scored in this category have already been noted in other categories).

In March, Striders racing team representation--and performance--was phenomenal at the Under Armour Kelly Shamrock 5k in Baltimore March 9th, with the following results:

  • Hannah Cocchiaro took first among all women with a time of 17:16.
  • Callie Betman came in first in the 25-29 age group and 5th overall female with a time of 18:47.
  • Amanda Beal came in 3rd in the 35-39 age group and 10th overall female with a time of 19:17.
  • Faye Weaver was first female master and 21st overall female with a time of 20:20.
  • Julia Skinner came in 1st in the 40-44 age group and 28th overall female with a time of 21:02.
  • Andrew Madison took 1st in the 30-34 age group and 6th overall male with a time of 15:51
  • Kevin Ford was second in the 30-34 age group and 10th overall male with a time of 16:28.
  • Jason Tripp was first male master and 11th overall with a time of 16:32.
  • Akintunde Morakinyo took first in the 55-59 age group with a time of 18:23.
  • Dave Berardi came in 3rd in the 55-59 age group with a time of 19:14.
  • John Chall came in 1st in the 60-64 age group at 19:59.
Other outstanding performances included Rachel Collins, 20:14; Lindsay Pickett, 20:38; Eric Schuler, 15:58; Craig Lebro, 16:38; James Blackwood, 17:20; Jicheng Liu, 20:22; and Ed Montgomery, 20:55.

Other race highlights from January 1 to March 15 included:
  • Erin Chamberlain ran 3:06 in the Tokyo Marathon.
  • Julia Roman-Duval came in first woman overall in the D.C. Rock'n Roll Half Marathon with a time of 1:14:33.
  • Kevin Ford came in 13th in the Hampton Half Marathon at 1:19:31.
  • Rachel Collins came in second in the Towson Frostbite 5K at 21:54.
  • Eric Schuler came in first in the Little Patuxent River Trail Half Marathon with a time of 1:24:34.
  • Ed Montgomery took first place in the 50-59 age group in the Little Patuxent River Trail 10K at 54:30.
  • At the Penguin Pace 5K, men's racing team members Adam Wyko, Mark Landree and Mark Eagles took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places with times of 18:07, 18:12; and 18:32, respectively.
  • In the ultra category, Faye Weaver earned 3rd female master at the Mid-Maryland 50K with a time of 5:40:24.
Way to go Striders!!!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

2018 Kickoff

The Howard County Striders Racing Team has started off the new year with some great performances! The biggest early race was the RRCA Club Challenge 10M, held last weekend in Columbia. The annual race is a team competition between all the running clubs in Maryland and DC. Here are some highlights from the race:
  • Both the Master's Women and Grandmaster's Women teams won 1st overall in their fields. The Masters team was led by Erin Chamberlin (the fastest master's female runner), Faye Weaver, and Julia Skinner. Deb Taylor and Tammy Liu represented the team on the grandmaster women's team.
  • The Grandmaster Men's team took second overall, with Ed Wilson and Tunde Morakinyo scoring for the team.
  • The Overall Men's team, Under 40 Men's Team, and Masters Men's Team all took third place in their categories.
  • Julia Roman-Duval took 1st place overall among the women in a time of 59:38.
  • Both Carlos Renjifo and Andrew Madison placed in the top 10.

RRCA Club Challenge Results
Women's Results
1Julia Roman-Duval59:38
20Stephanie Caporaletii1:07:55PR
24Erin Chamberlin1:08:48
44Faye Weaver1:12:35PR
48Deb Taylor1:13:27
50Julia Skinner1:13:39
56Tammy Liu1:16:16
Men's Results
7Carlos Renjifo53:59
10Andrew Madison54:30
19Luke Janik55:58
23Eric Schuler56:25
33Kent Werner58:15
44Adam Wytko59:32
56Mark Eagles1:01:48
75Jason Tripp1:03:32
78Ed Wilson1:03:44
138Tunde Morakinyo1:06:09
208John Chall1:10:29
253Yasuo Oda1:12:32

Although there aren't many races throughout January and February, some racing team members found some to test their fitness.
  • In early January, Stephanie Caporaletii competed in the Walt Disney World Running Festival. Stephanie chose to do the Dopey Challenge, which requires runners to complete all four races of the weekend over four days. She ran the 5K (37:03), 10K (43:40), Half Marathon (1:47:48), and Full Marathon (3:21:18)! Stephanie also took 3rd place in the Mid-Maryland Ultra 50K.
  • Several runners competed in the Howard County Striders sponsored Penguin Pace 5K. Mark Eagles won the race in 17:51, Brian Shadrick ran 18:59 for 4th overall, and John Chall took 14th overall in 21:00. Both Brian and John won their age groups.
  • Conrad Orloff competed on the indoor track at PVTC All Comers Meet. He ran the 3K in 10:31 and the 5K in 17:22, winning both races.
As the weather gets warmer, expect to see racing team members at a variety of races. Coming up in March, there is the KELLY Shamrock 5K in Baltimore. Team members will also compete in the Boston Marathon, Clyde's 10K, and Pike's Peek 10K in April.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

September/October 2017

The Howard County Striders Racing Team has had a busy fall racing season! Team members have raced everything from the mile to the marathon in the past couple months. The most popular and most competitive race in the fall is the Army Ten Miler in Washington, D.C. This year, runners had to deal with unusually high humidity, so no one set a PR. But many team members placed in their awards categories, including Julia Roman-Duval who placed 2nd overall and 1st in her age group.

Army Ten Miler Results:
Women's Results
2Julia Roman-Duval59:171st 35-39
11Caroline Bauer1:02:013rd 30-34
41Beth Hannon1:08:33
50Erin Chamberlin1:09:33
60Kelly Westlake1:10:301st 45-49
Men's Results
96Craig Lebro59:51
116Conrad Orloff1:00:52
204Ed Wilson1:03:572nd 55-59
244Adam Wytko1:04:50
254Jason Tripp1:05:10
1101Yasuo Oda1:16:50

Racing team members at the Army Ten Miler

Breaking it down by race distance:

All these fall races have paid off! Listed below are the racing team entrants in the 2018 Boston Marathon:
  • Stephanie Caporaletti
  • Rachel Collins
  • Conrad Fernandes
  • Craig Lebro
  • Yasuo Oda
  • Conrad Orloff
  • Eric Schuler
  • Jason Tripp
  • Ed Wilson

Next up for the racing team: Run Through the Grapevine 8K!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

July/August 2017

The Striders Racing Team began July with the one-time Columbia 5.0 Mile Race hosted by the Howard County Striders. The race was part of the Columbia 50th Birthday celebrations held throughout 2017. Runners were met with the hot and humid conditions that are typical for an early July race, but still performed well against the competition. Amanda Beal and Rachel Collins took first and second overall respectively while Eric Schuler and Kevin Ford took second and third overall on the men's side. All other racing team members who competed took home an age group award.

Columbia 5.0 Mile Results:
Women's Results
1Amanda Beal32:20
2Rachel Collins37:10
4Tammy Liu38:121st Master
6Tiffany Hevner38:571st 35-39
Men's Results
2Eric Schuler27:27
3Kevin Ford29:04
6Mark Landree29:561st 45-49
7Jason Tripp30:092nd 45-49
11Tunde Morakinyo31:241st Grandmaster
12Adam Wytko31:262nd 35-39
14Brian Shadrick32:022nd 40-44
19Yasuo Oda33:551st 55-59
John Chall34:041st Senior Grandmaster

The other big summer race for the Racing Team was the Annapolis Ten Miler at the end of August. Runners enjoyed cooler than usual temperatures on what is usually a hot and humid weekend. Julia Roman-Duval took 1st place overall while Eric Schuler led the men's team, taking 5th overall. In the unofficial team scoring (top 3 on each team scored), the women's team took 1st place and the men's team was the runner up to their rivals in the Georgetown Running Club.

Annapolis 10M Results:
Women's Results
1Julia Roman-Duval1:00:03
4Beth Hannon1:05:411st 30-34
5Amanda Beal1:05:441st 35-39
7Noel McCracken1:07:332nd 30-34
9Stephanie Caporaletti1:08:022nd 35-39
Men's Results
5Eric Schuler55:471st 20-24
9Andrew Madison57:33
26Adam Wytko1:00:45
28Jason Tripp1:01:231st 45-49
33Kent Werner1:02:27
47Tunde Morakinyo1:04:193rd Grandmaster
65Ed Wilson1:06:272nd 55-59
105John Chall1:09:101st 60-64

Racing team members at the Annapolis Ten Miler

Here are some of the highlights from the rest of the summer:
  • Several racing team members kicked off the 4th of July festivities at the Arbutus Firecracker 10K: Eric Schuler (34:42, 3rd overall, 2nd AG 20-29), Mark Landree (37:54, 8th overall, 3rd AG 40-49), and Brian Shadrick (41:19, 14th overall).
  • At the Howard County Striders Meet of Miles (1M race on the track), Carlos Renjifo was the top finisher in 4:37 while Brian Shadrick took 3rd place in 4:53
  • Brian Shadrick continued his busy summer racing schedule at the Baltimore Road Race 5K, running 17:48 and taking 4th overall and 1st Master. In August, he ran the Coolest Mile on Main Street in Sykesville, placing 2nd in 4:42. The following week he won the Survivor Strong 5K in a time of 18:29. While training for all these races, Brian also had time to organize the Howard County Striders Centennial Mile series!
  • Beth Hannon was the top female finisher (and 5th overall) at the Lisa Wade 5K in a time of 19:23. A few weeks later, she finished third at the Frederick Women's Distance Festival, running 19:08.
  • Craig Lebro travelled down to the Crystal City Twilighter 5K. He ran 17:09 and finished 37th.
  • Amanda Beal and Mark Landree went to Anne Arundel County to run the Dog Days 8K cross country race. Amanda was the top female finisher in 32:41 while Mark ran 29:52 to finish 7th overall and 1st in his age group. The Dog Days 8K is part of the RRCA Maryland Grand Prix race series. In the standings, Mark has a comfortable lead in the 45-49 age group and needs one more race to qualify for an award. Amanda is currently in a close second place in her age group category and also needs one more race in the series to qualify for an award.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

May/June 2017

May began with the 2nd annual Spring Hops 5K, hosted by the Howard County Striders. The cross country race follows a similar course as the Striders' Run Through the Grapevine 8K, but the race is beer themed rather than wine themed. Runners were rewarded with a complimentary beer from Red Shedman Brewery, which was located at the start/finish line. On the men's side, Racing Team members Eric Schuler, Mark Eagles, and Jason Tripp swept the top three spots. Yasuo Oda, Rachel Collins, and Tammy Liu Hermstein all took home age group awards. Racing team members who were looking for a longer race on the same day made a slightly longer trip out to Frederick for the annual half marathon. Craig Lebro took 2nd overall in 1:17:02 while Julia Roman-Duval was the third female finisher in 1:19:48.

Spring Hops 5K Results:
Women's Results
8Rachel Collins26:413rd 35-39
9Tammy Liu Hermstein26:501st 50-54
Men's Results
1Eric Schuler20:21
2Mark Eagles21:04
3Jason Tripp21:481st Master
18Yasuo Oda25:061st 55-59

Frederick Half Marathon Results:
Women's Results
3Julia Roman-Duval1:19:481st 30-34
16Noel McCracken1:33:09
Men's Results
2Craig Lebro1:17:02
6Kevin Ford1:18:06
17Ed Wilson1:23:361st Master

Racing team members started strong in June with the Baltimore Ten Miler and the Bel Air Town Run 5K, both fast and competitive races in Maryland. In Baltimore, Eric Schuler took third overall, while Jason Tripp, Ed Wilson, and Tunde Morakinyo each earned an age group award. Amanda Beal took 2nd place overall in Bel Air (running a new PR) while Rachel Collins, Mark Loeffler, and John Chall won age group prizes.

Baltimore Ten Miler Results:
3Eric Schuler55:17
16Jason Tripp1:00:391st 40-44
26Ed Wilson1:04:181st 50-54
27Tunde Morakinyo1:04:272nd 50-54

Bel Air Town Run 5K Results:
Women's Results
2Amanda Beal18:59 (PR)
6Rachel Collins21:243rd 35-39
Men's Results
12Mark Eagles17:20
15Mark Loeffler17:381st 35-39
52John Chall20:051st 50-59

Morakinyo, Tripp, Schuler, and Wilson at the Baltimore Ten Miler

The Howard County Striders hosted a Women's Distance Festival 5K on June 24th. Julia Roman-Duval took first place in 17:03, Noel McCracken was 2nd in 19:39, and Rachel Collins took 4th overall in 20:57.

Other notable race results:
  • Mark Loeffler won both the NASA Goddard 10K and 2M (one week apart), running 37:18 and 11:04 respectively
  • Beth Hannon won the Maryland Half Marathon for the third year in a row, running a PR 1:27:32
  • Mark Landree, competing in the MD RRCA Grand Prix series, took 9th place at the Germantown 5M, running 29:03 (PR)
  • Tammy Liu Hermstein ran both the Hills of Milltown 5K and the AFCEA 5K, running 24:21 and 22:24, respectively
  • In the marathon: Kevin Ford ran 2:52:12 at the Vermont City Marathon while Adam Wytko ran 2:59:36 at the Youngstown Marathon (4th overall and 1st in his age group)
  • Amanda Beal won the Dawson's Fathers Day 10K with a PR 40:11