Friday, July 29, 2011

Two-Person 5M Relay

Time to break out the old high school/college track spikes in preparation for this year's Two-Person 5 Mile relay on Wednesday, August 3rd, at 6:30PM (Oakland Mills HS).

Never taken part in the event before? It's pretty simple: Two participants run alternating 1/4 mile legs on the track. Each participant runs 2.5 miles total. If you've been looking for a challenging workout to help you work on your turnover, this is the perfect workout for you!

It'd be awesome if we could get a bunch of the folks on the racing team to show up. We can mix and match to make things fun. If you have a relay baton lying around at home, bring that too! If you're hurt, please consider coming also. I am the race lead and am still looking for some volunteers to help out.

Hope to see you there.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Running Times + Carlos

The Finnish division of the Howard County Striders has shared a few cool articles with us:

The official finishing video from the race can be found on the Running Maryland website! You can see Carlos Renjifo around 1:45, and hear his girlfriend cheering in the background. :oD

Carlos also appeared in an article from Running Times. We couldn't find the online link, but our fantastic Finnish friends sent us a foto of the page:

[Thanks, Pekka! :oD]

Sunday, July 17, 2011

HC Striders are hotter than sparkling vampires -- Recounting the Rockville Twilighter

Folks running the Rockville Twilighter sped by yesterday, under clear skies and cooling breezes.

The Howard County Striders men raced splendidly, with Weems McFadden running 30:58 and John Chall running 31:45. Weems sported the HCS singlet, John had a nifty headband, and they were the 5th and 6th Masters, respectively.

Special congratulations to Carlos Renjifo, who achieved 14th place out of over 1100 runners, and fifth in his age group. He also ran a PR of 25:50 (Great job!). The results can be found here:

Videos can be found, as always, on the Howard County Striders' YouTube Channel.

** update on 2011-07-21 **
The official finishing video from the race can be found on the Running Maryland website! You can see Carlos around 1:45, and hear his girlfriend cheering in the background. :oD (Thanks to Pekka for the link! ^_^)

On a bonus note, here's a conversation that we overheard between a little girl and her dad:
Girl: Daddy, Daddy, guess what?
Dad: What?
Girl: (pointing to Carlos): Daddy, did you know that that guy has abs?
Dad: Dear, you would have to be blind to not see the six-pack on that guy.

We did not see any vampires at the TWILIGHT-er, but we do encourage everyone to see the new Harry Potter movie. :oD

hehe ^_~ This post was brought to you by one of the unofficial reporters for the Howard County Striders Racing Team. Have a great week, everyone! ^_^

Sunday, July 10, 2011


On another hot and humid morning, the women of the Racing Team took several top honors at the HCS Women's Distance Festival 5k. Stefanie Commins showed she is beginning to return to old form as she took off at the gun and never looked back to beat local stars Sherry Stick and Denise Knickman in 18:28.

Donna Wecker and Kelly Westlake battled one another with Donna creeping away at the end to claim 1st Master. Pat Wilkerson continued to be 'Mrs. Consistent' posting a time of 20:20 for 9th overall and 1st Grandmaster. Dorothy Beckett was tops in the 50-54 age group with her 21:45, only hours after returning from a late night flight from CA.

Official results:

1 Commins, Stefanie 18:28

4 Wecker, Donna 19:26

5 Westlake, Kelly 19:34

9 Wilkerson, Pat 20:20

16 Beckett, Dorothy 21:45