Sunday, March 17, 2013

What's that you say?...Luck? Nah, we don't need it

Well, the spring racing season has officially arrived!  The past couple of weekends featured some of the best organized and most competition local races of the year.

Getting right to it, last Sunday kicked things off with two fast races.  In DC, Mick and Tiffany took to the roads in the St. Patrick's Day 8kTiffany cruised along to finish at 32:00, just outside the top 20.  Mick was right behind, clocking a 32:10 for 2nd in his AG.

Meanwhile, in Charm City, a large group participated in the Kelly's Shamrock 5k, which coincides with the St. Patty's Day parade.  As some of us did our warmup run around the bay, we noticed that the wind was blowing into our faces heading towards Key Highway.  This is a good thing, we thought.  Headwind at the beginning and tailwind on the back half.  Well, we were...WRONG!  Mother Nature decided she wanted us to earn all 3.1 miles and provided us with a headwind the entire race.  There were several PRs, including myself, Seth, Kelly, and CarolineSeth started his 2013 campaign the same way he did in 2012 with a PR in 16:16.  Jason, on pace for around 17:00, pulled a hamstring at 2.5 miles and had to limp to the finish.  Hoping this doesn't mess up his Boston plans!  Kelly crushed 6:00 pace, running 18:24 and winning some $ for first Master while Caroline continued her assault en route to Boston, running a 40+ second PR of 19:06.  Chris Chattin is healthy again and ran an impressive 16:57.  His son, Anders, ran 20:31, representing the Junior Striders in style.  Vicki beat her pre-race goal as she continues to get back into shape, running 20:41.  Complete team results as follows:

Mark Buschman    15:26    2nd
Seth Geoghegan    16:16    9th    2nd (M30-39)
Steve Olenick    16:46    14th    3rd (M30-39)
Chris Chattin    15th    1st (M45-49)
Craig Lebro    17:23    24th   
Jason Tripp    17:44    29th    2nd (M40-44)
Tunde Morakinyo    18:28    41st    3rd (M45-49)
John Chall    19:25    58th    1st (M55-59)
Kelly Westlake    18:24    7th    1st Master
Caroline Bauer    19:04    10th
Vicki Lang    20:41    17th    2nd (F40-44)

Here's some action shots, courtesy of Carlos:

Pre-race (left to right): Madison, Carlos, Jason, Steve, Seth,  and Mark
Mark rolling down Pratt Street en route to a 2nd place finish
Seth's final steps to another 5k PR!
Steve kicking it in
Chris rounding the final turn
Kelly running sub 18:30!
Nice running form, Caroline!
Vicki cruising down Charles Street in the fast first mile
 Yesterday, Kevin and Kelly rolled at the Rock 'N Roll USA Half Marathon in DC.  Some of the Falls Road guys informed me the course was quite hilly, making it tough for a PR.  I'm not sure if Kevin ran a PR, but if not he was close, clocking a 1:16:16 for 31st.  Kelly was just outside of a PR, running 1:25:23 for 22nd and 2nd Master.  In Reston, VA, Tiffany hit the roads in the Lucky Leprechaun 5k where she broke 20 again, 19:51 for 11th.  I'm still awaiting B&A Trail Half Marathon results but I know Caroline toed the line and Tacy made her return to the racing scene, running 1:35:45 for 2nd in her AG.  Welcome back Tacy!

The big races (Cherry Blossom, Clyde's, Boston) are only a few weeks away, let's keep getting at it!!!

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  1. I was just short of a pr by 13 seconds, but the course was harder so I was encouraged by the result. Great job at the 5k everybody!!