Thursday, November 8, 2012

Whoever said eating grapes was tougher than running through them must have been drunk...

With only a couple weeks left in the Fall racing season, it's now or never to crank out those last ditch PR efforts.  However, this past weekend did not present favorable racing courses...

On Saturday morning, Keith ventured to Lynchburg, VA to take on the infamous Mountain Masochist 50 Miler.  Sources says this is a very difficult, but scenic trail run through the Shenendoah.  This year, post Hurricane Sandy left upwards of a foot of snow on the high (relatively speaking) slopes.  As he always does, Keith battled through, crossing the finish line in 8:37:18, good for 10th.

Sunday presented one of the Striders' big time races, Run Through The Grapevine 8k.  Race director, Jason Tripp, will tell you that this is a fun race but the reality is those non-stop brutal hills will beat you down, no matter what shape you're in.  It was quite chilly at the race start.  There was a sizeable lead pack through the first mile and a half.  I recall spotting the aforementioned Keith in the lead for a bit.  Adam and Steve battled for the top spot all race long, until an unfortunate miscue with a course marshal resulted in a missed turn and top 10 finishes.  Seth returned from the DL after a bust-out spring, running 32:32.

In the ladies race, Donna showed she's right back where she left off pre-injury, finishing 3rd on the women's side behind WRRC studs, Sherry Stick and Jill Krebs.  Sam also produced a top 10 finish, clocking a 38:11 for 6th.

A summary of the results:

Keith Levasseur 32:20 9th
Seth Geoghegan 32:32 11th
Adam Wytko 33:30 14th
Steve Olenick 33:31 15th
John Chall 34:26 21st
Donna Wecker 36:30 3rd
Samantha Matthews 38:11 6th
Dorothy Beckett 40:16 12th
Now for some pictures....
Keith, the day after a 50 Miler...CRAZY!

Seth reppin' Beantown

Adam and Steve hiding their frustration well

John wearing a shirt?!?!

Donna in the zone

Sam staring at the finish line

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