Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Endless weekend of first place finishes...

While it was a rather light weekend on the racing front, those who did venture out in the heat to tackle the competition produced well....

While many of us were running the bagel run, Keith Levasseur headed down to Annapolis to compete in the Endless Summer 6 Hour Run.  The race started at 8am and forced runners to push through the heat and humidity.  The goal of this race is to run the 3.4 mile loop as many times are you can in the 6 hour timeframe and the person with the most distance at the end wins.  Well, Keith did just that, logging 45.1 miles and setting a new course record!!!

Sunday morning, Donna Wecker returned to the race scene after a long layoff due to multiple injuries at the BRRC Patapsco Trail Run.  The exact course distance is unknown, but it's approximately 8 miles.  She won the women's race in 1:04:20.  She is looking forward to making a noisy return here soon... Peter Keating took part in the relay at the Columbia Triathlon on Sunday.  He told me that their swimmer ended up choking big time in the water and put them pretty far back at T1.  He ran hard (as the norm) and finished the 10k run in 36:36, good for an 8th place team finish. 

Finally, John Chall took top honors at the Benfield Elementary School 5k in Severna Park, crossing the finish line in 19:02.

FLASH: After months of heckling, we finally got Unsong Ostrowski to cave and join the racing team!!!  She is going to kick some @$$ this Fall!  She already has 1st place finishes at Clyde's and the MD Half.  I GUARANTEE she'll tack on a few more before 2013 gets here...Welcome Unsong!!!

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