Sunday, June 26, 2011

Striders Women Shine on a Sunny Day in Baltimore

On an almost perfect summer morning, three Strider women -- Kara, Pat, and Dorothy -- toed the line at this year's edition of the Baltimore Women's Classic.

The women asserted themselves early, with Kara jumping to the front of the race with eventual winner Darcy McDonald, and Pat and Dorothy not far behind. As they entered the neighborhoods of Federal Hill, the packs began to spread out, but the women continued to look strong.

With less than a mile to go, all three ladies were well within the top 40 and still looking solid. Kara had lost a few places in the miles between, but was still fighting a tough battle for fourth. Pat and Dorothy, only 15 and ~20 spots back, respectively, were also still mixing it up in small packs of their own.

At the finish line, all three Strider women were still pushing for higher places. Kara finished in fourth (18:33), just able to hold off some very strong last-minute charges by Arlington's Lindsey Larose and Falls Road's Diane Heiser (The margin between 4th and 6th was less than a second!). Not far behind, Pat and Dorothy had finishing kicks of their own, which helped them reach 20th (20:30) and 25th (21:29) place finishes.

After the race, the ladies had a lot of positive things to say about the race ("great organization", "great cause"). But across the board the one complaint was that this year's course had way too many turns, which probably made the times a bit slower.

Results are posted here (Link) and pictures are posted here (Link).

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