Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Lovely Bunch of Coconuts" Takes All-Fruit Honors

The first and second place teams + Luis from the 3rd place team

On a beautiful spring day, the team "Lovely Bunch of Coconuts" (Mark B, Andrew M, Carlos R) raced through the sidewalks of Oakland Mills to take first at this year's All-Fruit-Relay. Taking an early lead in front of the pre-race favorites and two-time champions "Team Dominate", the coconuts team never looked back. Carlos R had a good day, opting to run the first and third legs, while Mark and Andrew took the second and anchor legs, respectively. The final time was a course record (42:36), with rough splits of 10:18, 11:00, 10:34, and 10:44.

The other two teams, "Is it a Fruit or Not?" (Fruit = Tomato | Members = Brian F, Seth G, David G, Adam W) and "Oxidate" (Fruit = Date | Members = John C, Tasha H, Stefanie C, Greg H), placed 2nd and 5th with times of 46:19 and 49:47 .

Other notable team names this year included: "Delicious Green Banana" (Which was consumed as the anchor leg was approaching the finish line), "Kiwi Will Rock You", "Puff the Magic Dragonfruit", "Fruit Loops", "Dragonfruit Tails", and "Clockwork Orange".

Full results and pictures are posted here (Striders Website). Some more pictures are posted here (Picasa).

A fruitful time was had by all.
The "Coconuts" pose with their fruit.

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