Sunday, April 7, 2013

FLASH: Cherry Blossom results

On a chilly, windy morning in DC, we sure packed a punch out there!  (Un)official results (known PRs in bold):

Mark Buschman    53:33
Carlos Renjifo    54:13
Kevin Ford    56:10
Seth Geoghegan    56:57
Steve Olenick    57:21
Craig Lebro    58:08
Keith Levasseur    58:25
Maurice Pointer    1:03:17
Tunde Morakinyo    1:04:00
Weems McFadden    1:04:25
John Chall    1:06:51
Kelly Westlake    1:02:20
Caroline Bauer    1:04:04

Robyn Humphrey    1:05:35
Vicki Lang    1:10:51
Dorothy Beckett    1:12:14

Sorry in advance if I missed anyone!  Races of the day go to Kevin on the men's side with nearly an 80 second PR.  Carlos, in his comeback race, ran a tremendous race as well!  On the ladies side, Kelly and Caroline destroyed their PRs by 2:30+...AMAZING LADIES!  Also, Robyn brought home GOLD in the 45-49 AG!  DDAMMNNNN

Full race report to follow...

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  1. Awesome! Good job everybody!! It was totally brilliant to watch CUCB's online stream and see familiar faces finishing.