Monday, May 7, 2012

Another busy weekend at the races...

Despite the heat, we had another busy weekend of racing, all on Sunday... We'll start in Frederick where Caroline Bauer continued her 2012 rampage at the Frederick Half Marathon. She cruised across the finish line in 1:29:56, good for 5th overall and a spot on the Elite team!  Awesome job Caroline!!!

We had a nice contingent at the Maryland Half Marathon in Maple Lawn.  Keith Levasseur was the 2nd male to complete the hilly course in 1:20:09.  Meanwhile, our female master's wrecking crew of Kelly Westlake and Robyn Humphrey found themselves running with the men, coming in 2nd and 3rd respectively, with times of 1:28:08 and 1:30:24.  Also of note, another Strider, Unsong Ostrowski, finished 1st overall breaking 1:28!!!

Post-MD Half Marathon (left to right): Keith, Jim, Robyn, Unsong, Lisa, Kelly

Finally, yours truly, along with my boys, Kent Werner and Jason Tripp, road-tripped it to Pittsburgh so they could take on the Pittsburgh Marathon.  While it was cloudy down in Maryland, it was HOT and humid in Pittsburgh, making for tough times.  The course is quite hilly and there are no places to hide from the sun!  I booked it 3 miles uptown from the start to just before Mile 12 where I was able  to catch the fellas cross back from the North Side on the Birmingham Bridge.  I hopped on the course with Jason and paced him through 25.2 miles.  The heat forced several people to stop along our way, including a few Kenyans.  Jason battled through sharp cramping in his right hamstring at Mile 24.5 but manned up and finished in 3:05:23.  Kent echoed similar cramping issues.  Rumor has it he walked about a mile and still ran a very respectable 2:50:04 for 39th.  Great effort in far less than ideal day in the Steel City!!!  Both are BQs!

Just a reminder that registration for Remembrance Run and Damien's has opened so if you're around, these are both good local races so try to make an appearance!

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