Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Washington Running Report Rankings

The newest edition of the Washington Running Report is online. Click here to view (Link). Striders among the rankings this go-round are:

Michael Wegner (1st, 19 & Under)
Mike Colaiacovo (3rd, 40-44)
Pete Keating (1st, 45-49) + Picture
Bob Burns (13th, 55-59)
Kara Waters (3rd, 35-39, 10th Open Women)
Robyn Humphrey (4th, 45-49)
Donna Wecker (6th, 45-49)
Pat Wikerson (3rd, 50-54)
Dorothy Beckett (12th, 50-54)

There is also a picture of Carlos Renjifo, which is a bit strange, since he is not ranked...

Congratulations to all of you!

Edit by Issel (2012-01-27):
Actually, rankings can be found here:
Blog post:
And Carlos was ranked #28 in the Open Men division. :)

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