Sunday, April 17, 2011

Strong Performances at Clydes' Despite Windy Conditions

Photo Credits: Denise Hyde. Collage: Carlos Renjifo.

What a difference the wind can make. While many individuals were reported to have run exceptionally fast times at the MCRRC Pikes Peek 10k due to strong tail winds, the situation at the Clyde's 10k was the exact opposite. Strong headwinds along the hilliest parts of the course, particularly the uphill sections to Governor Warfield Pkwy and up Columbia Road and 108, affected the times significantly. Despite the conditions, several individuals ran brilliant races, which resulted in several personal records being broken on the course.

Carlos Renjifo successfully defended his title, finishing with a time of 33:17 -- a minute ahead of his closest challenger, Karsten Brown. Peter Keating had a tremendous second half, resulting in a 34:46 finish; a 26 second PR and good for 3rd overall and 1st in the master's category. Robyn Humphrey exceeded her own expectations, knocking off 80 seconds from last year's time to finish as the first master in the female division (40:09).

But the best performance of the day goes to Donna Wecker, who delivered a two-minute personal best (42:50) on the anniversary of her first race ever (Clyde's in 2010). At the ripe age of 49, it looks like there's still lots of room for improvement!

Other racing team performances include: Joe Hanle (39:24, 1st M50-54), Pat Wilkerson (42:21, 1st F Master), and Dorothy Beckett (44:44, 1st F50-54).

Pictures taken by fellow Striders should be up soon here. In the meantime, enjoy the photos and videos, courtesy of the racing team's unofficial web guru/photographer/number-one-fan*!

*Don't worry Pekka: Your title for the official best fan ever is still intact =). Even this guy couldn't beat you (though it was a close call!).

Photo Credit: Denise Hyde.


  1. hahaha I think I've seen that guy before. Somehow, he makes me think, "Reign of Terror"...

    Note: the alternate title for this blog entry was, "Running...against the wind." :oP

    Congratulations, All! ^_^

  2. Hahahhahaa! No worries, I'm pretty much always your Finnish nr one fan... Congrats for the racing team!!!