Monday, April 18, 2011

Boston: Results

Pre-race excitement.

The results for the Boston Marathon are in...

Mark Buschman - 2:33:23 (PR)
Kara Waters - 2:52:05
Conrad Orloff - 2:56:05
Seth Geoghegan - 2:57:22
Jason Tripp - 2:59:29
Phil Lang - 3:00:47

Some quotes from Beantown:

- Conrad: "Never, ever run a marathon without actually training for it ... Now I know how those folks from the 1890s to the 1960s felt when they ran Boston"

- Kara: "Was an amazing experience...looked over my shoulder at mile 16 and Joan Benoit Samuelson was running on my shoulder. Of course I had to say something, 'Hi Joany, I'm from Maine and I went to your running camp was in 7th grade...' She was really sweet and responded with a smile and 'You are running so well. Go get it.' She and I hung side by side for about two miles. I think she was being kind and let me run next to her for a photo op at mile 17. At mile 18, she passed me and I think finished 38 seconds ahead of me. What an inspiration!"

- Phil: "I went for it, but even the wind at my back did not allow me to compete the way I'd like to in the second half. I did regroup and ran well the last mile and half and felt better about that. Number 44 is in the books, including my 16th Boston, and my love affair with Boston lives on!"

Great job to all of you!

Kara runs with Joan Benoit Samuelson


  1. Awesome job guys, now lets hit the town!

  2. Wohooo!!! Awesome. Geoffrey Mutai had a great day, too!!!