Tuesday, March 10, 2015

F-F-February W-w-wrap-Up-p-p

We've finally made it to March!  This warmer weather couldn't come a moment too soon.  Hats off to our runners who braved record-breaking cold temperatures and snowy/icy conditions (or terminally boring treadmills) this winter to keep their spring racing goals alive.

The RRCA Ten Mile Challenge was postponed due to weather conditions and may (or may not) be rescheduled in the coming months.  But don't let that get you down, there are still some awesome races (and nicer racing conditions) coming soon.  The Boston Marathon is just around the corner and Clyde's 10k, the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Race and many more are coming up even sooner.

Some Striders did manage to get a race (or three) in last month.  Here's the rundown:

Nick Grossi and John Chall entered the Penguin Pace 5k, running 18:43 for 4th and 20:19 for 9th overall, respectively.

One week later Nick entered another 5k and bettered his previous time, running 18:01 for 22nd place at the Love the Run You're With 5k.  He was joined by Linda Lou O'Connor who ran 20:40 for 14th (she also won her age group!).

Less than a week after that, the flurry of 5k performances continued, with Linda Lou and Mark Eagles running 20:51 for 4th and 17:53 for 6th, respectively.

Kevin Ford made a trip out to Pasadena, CA to visit family and ran the Race on the Base 10k in 34:01 (a PR), coming in 1st.  On the same day, Mark Eagles ran the Sykesville Shiver Shuffle 5k in 18:33 for 3rd while Carlos Renjifo destroyed the Color Your Heart 5k, running 16:01 for 1st by a sizable margin.

Great job everybody!

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