Monday, October 8, 2012

What Time Is It?....PR TIME!!!

I was remiss in picking up any of race results from two weekends ago so let's start there...

Dorothy Beckett kicked off the action on Saturday, 9/29 cruising to an age group win at the College Park Cares 5k, running 21:20 for 7th.  Marathon connoisseur, Adam Wytko kicked off his three marathons in three weeks in Akron, OH, clocking a 2:50:01 for 16th in what I was told was a comfortable effort. 

On Sundau, 9/30, our Ironman, Keith Levasseur went down in enemy territory and took the overall crown at the hilly Falls Road 15k, nailing a PR in 54:50.  SSSWEEETTT!  Pekka and I participated in the BWI Airport 4 Miler.  We both used it as a hard tempo run.  I got outkicked in the last 100m and had to settle for a roundtrip ticketless 2nd, but ran a good race given the 13 miles the day before in 20:18.  Pekka won the 'Furthest Traveled' award and hit his pre-race goal of sub 22, clocking 21:50 for 7th and 2nd in his age group.  I can't believe he'll be a master in a couple months!

Now onto the this past weekend.  Caroline and Craig took their talents to the Windy City for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.  Race morning conditions were damn near perfect (maybe a bit chilly).  I streamed the end of the men's race and they were clocking mid 4:30s from Mile 22 on.  Craig ran a BIG PR, running 2:44:03.  Caroline followed suit, clocking nearly even splits and a HUGE PR in 3:14:43.  All those scorching summer miles must have paid off!!!

Kevin Ford headed down to Alexandria, VA to run the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon for a second straight year; this year as a tune-up for Marine Corps.  Not sure if it was quite a PR or not, but he cracked the top 20 in a pretty competitive field with a 1:16:03.  Adam ran marathon #2 of 3, this time in Johnstown, PA.  This is usually the Karsten Brown show but he beat him by 5+ minutes, running 2:53:07 for 4th and unfortunately out of the money (?!?!), but taking his age group.

It was certainly an awesome start to the Fall racing season and it just keeps getting better.  Good luck to everyone partaking in the Baltimore Running Festival this Saturday!  I hope to see many of you out there!

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  1. Awesome job everyone! The brutal summer months of training are about to pay off...looking forward to seeing what else this team does this fall.