Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Great Weekend for Strider Women (and Keith as well!)

After a brutal week of temperatures in the high 90s, a slightly cooler weekend (particularly on Sunday) made for some great running.

To kick things off, Keith Levasseur took part in his first ever 100k, the Mason-Dixon Longest Day 100k Challenge, in Susquahanna State Park. The gun went off at 5AM to let runners take advantage of the 15+ hours of daylight. Keith had hopes of breaking the course record of 11 hours and change, setting a PR at the distance, and getting the HCS team record as well. Almost 50 miles into the race, it looked like he would get his way, as he was well ahead of pace. But unbeknownst to him, the last 12 miles of the course would have him essentially "rock climbing" up a side of a hill, just to come back down and repeat. The course record slipped away from him this time, but he still took the team record and set a PR in the process with a time of 13:06. Two out of three isn't shabby. He has already vowed to return next year to take another crack at the record.

A few hours later, Donna Wecker and Caroline Bauer took on the challenge extended by the "Dreaded Druid Hills" of Baltimore.  Donna continued to impress, not only finishing as the first grand master, but also taking the award for top female overall with a time of 43:47!  Caroline was not far back. taking third in a time of 44:27.

Sunday proved to be another showcase of Strider female talent, with the grandmaster women in particular putting on a "master class" for their competition.  In her debut as a part of the elite women, Samantha Matthews finished in 19:37, good for 12th place.  Samantha was followed by the ageless Pat Wilkerson, who continues to run blazing fast times year over year.  Her 20:04 got her 15th overall and first grandmaster.  After Pat was Janeth Scott, who just squeaked under 21 minutes (20:55) and took 1st in the 50-54 age group.  Janeth was followed by Dorothy Beckett, whose 21:38 was good for 2nd in the 50-54 group.  Finally, Tacy Powers rounded out the list of superb times by crossing the line in 22:23 (5th in 40-45).

Congrats to all!  This coming weekend looks to be very hot and humid, so be careful if you are racing!

Tacy and Pat, after the race.

Pat and Tacy with a fellow runner (left).  I am told she is 76 years young!

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