Sunday, November 13, 2011

Renjifo Brothers Take Over San Francisco Men's Health Urbanathalon!

Carlos and Jorge Renjifo ran the Men's Health Urbanathalon in San Francisco this morning, and...
--> CARLOS WON!!!!!
--> JORGE finished in the TOP TEN!!!!!

Our boys actually started in the second wave, a full minute behind the first wave. But they caught up quickly to achieve these final times:
--> Carlos Renjifo (#1219): 01:02:58
--> Jorge Renjifo   (#1194): 01:13:48

Carlos actually got TWO awards -- one for being the overall winner, and the other for being the fastest to climb the stairs in the AT&T Park, where the SFO Giants and Cal (Berkeley) Golden Bears play. Carlos also got interviewed at the end of the race, so look forward to a video at some point, too.  Some videos and pictures are available here:
(After clicking on the athlete's name, you'll be able to select "Video," "Photos," and "Timing.")

This was NOT a typical running race. Some of the insane obstacles that they had to overcome during the 10.2-mile course included climbing over buses, across cargo nets, under Jeeps, over plastic barriers, under police barriers, looping over the stairs in AT&T Park, hurdling over poles, across monkey bars, over taxis... and more. o.O When asked, "What were your favorite obstacles?", Carlos said, "I liked climbing over buses... and sliding over those taxis." Jorge enjoyed "the stairs in the park, but that was also the most challenging part."

More pictures/details on the obstacles can be found in the blog CrushingTheCourse, which has tips on running urbanathalons. A video depicting the SFO race will eventually be posted on the MHUrbanathalon Youtube channel.

Also, the Urbanathalon will be aired on Universal Sports Network on December 20-22 at 8pm. Does anyone get that particular station? Please record!

Wow!!! Amazing job, you physically-fit fellows!!! :oD

And, showing that even MIT engineers can be studmuffins...'s *ahem* -- a bonus picture:


  1. Hero stuff! This is so great. Kent, Mark, Renjifos, Chocolate Ladies. HCS rules!!!!

  2. WOW! I had no idea the event was soo cool! Great job Renjifo bros. You guys kicked arse. Can't wait to see the video

  3. Latest update: Some videos and pictures are available here:

    (After clicking on the athlete's name, you'll see the option for "Video," "Photos," and "Timing.")

    Yay!!! ^_^